• 20 year history of investing in growth-oriented, entrepreneurial companies

  • CITG Capital Partners is a private investment group that represents capital committed by families and individuals

    We have a 20 year history of investing in growth oriented, entrepreneurial companies in a wide variety of industries. Historically, we've taken an opportunistic approach to investing with a flexible view on capital structure position, investment size and ownership stake. The common thread among all of our investments is a strong partnership with outstanding leadership that shares our core values.


    CITG takes a hands-on approach to investing by working closely with outstanding executives and management teams. The members of CITG have the proven capabilities when required to take a role in operations and strategic development to support a business. Furthermore, CITG looks to leverage its extensive executive relationship network to create unique opportunities for its portfolio companies. The success of this approach is driven by CITG's philosophy that long term relationships create exceptional long term value.


    The managing members of CITG have over 30 years of experience starting and building middle market companies in manufacturing, distribution, services, and technology. The professionals within CITG are committed to working closely with our leadership teams to build great companies.